LEAPS conducts research in many natural history areas.  We specialize in inventories, habitat documentation and photographic and recording projects.  We are mobile and well equipped for such work.  All of the photographs in this web site were made by Leaps.  We use a special night bird setup of our own design for birds like this Tawny Frogmouth we encountered in the Australian outback. Our recordings are made using Sennheiser microphones, either singly with an 18" parabola or in pairs for stereo recording.  We record using digital audio tape and can create high quality CD's containing our data. We use Sound Forge Pro 10 software for digital audio processing.  All of the recordings on this site are by Leaps.  Call us to quote on your research requirements.        

For a list of our previous projects please see the About Leaps page.          

 Tawny Frogmouth 1999 LEAPS

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